UBTEB is mandated to accredit Business, Technical and Specialized training institutions as examinations centres. In line with this, the Board has put in place rules and guidelines on the conduct of the examinations which also includes the guidelines on accreditation of institutions including;
(1)    The UBTEB examinations shall be conducted at registered examination centres that have been inspected and accredited by the Board as suitable for the conduct of examinations.
(2)    An institution shall possess the following in order to be accredited for conducting UBTEB examinations:-

(a)    A certificate of registration or a license of the institution by the Ministry of Education and Sports or proof that the institution is government aided or government founded;

(b)    A letter of recommendation from the District or Municipal education officer;

(c)    An appropriate strong room in which to keep examination materials forwarded to the institution before commencement of the examinations;

(d)    An examination hall or large classrooms each of which can accommodate a minimum of thirty (30) candidates at one sitting;

(e)    Functional workshops or laboratories relevant to the programmes offered;

(f)    A functional aquaculture unit, fish processing unit and boat yard for the case of Fisheries Training Institutions;

(g)    A functional garden and laboratory for agricultural institutions;

(h)    A functional herbarium or nursery bed for forestry institutions;

(i)    An ex-situ for wild life training institutions;

(j)    A functional calibration network or baseline for lands management and survey institutions;

(k)    A functional meteorological station for meteorological institutions;

(l)    Firefighting equipment placed in strategic places in case of fire outbreaks and fire escape routes;

(m)    Technical staff to manage the academic programmes to be examined;(n)    Approved Curriculum by the National Curriculum Development Centre and or accreditation by National Council for Higher Education;

(o)    Sufficient furniture such as tables, desks, benches and chairs to be used in examination halls, workshops and laboratories;

(p)    An equipped typing pool for business institutions instructing secretarial and stenography courses;

(q)    An equipped radio studio and photo studio for journalism courses;

(r)    An equipped salon for cosmetology courses; and

(s)    All other minimum standards issued in respect of any other field from time to time by the Board with approval of the Minister.

                Procedure for accreditation.
The procedure for accreditation as a UBTEB examination centre shall be as follows:
(i)    A training institution shall obtain an application form for accreditation and registration from the Board at a non-refundable fee determined by the Board.  Filled copies of the application form shall be returned to the Board for further verification within a period of two weeks.

(ii)    The Board shall upon inspection and satisfaction that the training institution complies with the accreditation requirements, issue a Certificate of Accreditation as proof of status as an examination centre.

(iii)    The centre shall prepare a report on maintenance of the standards for accreditation which the Board shall review annually to ensure that the minimum standards are maintained.

(iv)    The Board reserves the right to suspend and/or withdraw an examination centre if it ceases to satisfy the accreditation requirements, regulations and ethical standards of an accredited examination centre.

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