“ISBAT University and UBTEB launch skills campaign on IT and Multimedia Entrepreneurship & Employment opportunities

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Uganda has the second youngest population in the world and the initiative by His Excellency the President of Uganda to skill the youths is going to explore new opportunities of employment and entrepreneurship in the country.

Skilling the youths is the way to go to take the country to a middle-income level as envisioned by the Government. In response to the Presidential initiatives, ISBAT University as one of the premium Chartered Universities in Uganda is taking a nationwide initiative in association with the Uganda Business and Technical Examination Board (UBTEB) to create awareness among the youths on various employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the field of Information Technology and Multimedia/Graphics industry. The first seminar will be inaugurated by the Executive Secretary of UBTEB Oyesigye Onesmus (CPA) on Saturday, 12th of February 2022 at 10:30 am at ISBAT University City Campus located on Conrad Plaza Entebbe Road. The seminar will be led by international experts and well-known employers in the country. There will be a series of one-day seminars going to be held in major regions of the country, beginning with Kampala. The attendees of the seminar will have the opportunity to interact with career experts and will be able to explore employment and entrepreneurship opportunities available in ICT Software Engineering and Multimedia/Graphics industry. There will be a free facility for IT and multimedia skills’ assessment of participants, career counselling and professional development potential to be successful in life.

ISBAT University is on the mission of empowering lives through quality education and skilling of individuals, households, corporate and government sectors in Uganda and the East African region by providing sustainable, affordable, and employable education and skills training. ISBAT University offers demand-driven professional courses that are assessed and awarded by UBTEB. It is important to note that accredited qualifications and awards can skill candidates with O – level or S4 qualifications to achieve interim certificates that can enable gainful employment while opening avenues for higher education and professional advancement. The University’s hybrid blended learning philosophy ensures continued and lifelong education and skilling for aspiring citizens.
UBTEB is proud to be associated with ISBAT University in championing the call for the development of competent graduates in the field of ICT Software Engineering and Multimedia/Graphics. In line with the BTVET Act 2008, UBTEB is mandated to accredit all education and training institutions that offer post-O’lvel and post A’level TVET and other specialized programmes apart from health-related programmes. We are glad that ISBAT University is among the pioneer universities that got the UBTEB accreditation centre. On this note, I wish to encourage all parents and students seeking higher education to look out for the awarding body of any course they are interested in pursuing.
While we are in charge of accreditation of training institutions and assessment for credible awards, we also accredit institutions based on meeting minimum standards including facilities, the trainers suitable for producing a competent and holistic TVET graduate. Based on the standards for accreditation, the institutions are obliged to continuously improve on the standards to match the expectations of the world of work.
As UBTEB, we congratulate ISBAT University on launching the awareness campaign to promote skills-based courses examined and awarded by UBTEB. We are confident of the University capacity to equip students with the most necessary skills in ICT, Multimedia programmes. With the UBTEB centre, ISBAT University enjoys the trust from the public in regard to the conformity with the processes leading to our awards of qualification to the successful candidates. Therefore an ISBAT University graduate with a UBTEB award is competent, innovative to start an enterprise, be productive in the labour market and be able to employ others.
We appeal to the public to take on this opportunity and enrol for the programmes offered by ISBAT University in the areas of ICT Software Engineering and the Multimedia/Graphics industry. These are essential programmes that equip graduates with skills fit for the 21st century.