Happy New Year 2019

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

As we progress in our efforts to achieve the ideals of the NDP II and Uganda Vision 2040, UBTEB will continue to profile the successes of graduates from vocational education and training institutions in Uganda under the theme "EXCELLENCE IN COMPETENCE BASED ASSESSMENT FOR JOB CREATION". The above theme is inline with Skilling Uganda, NRM Manifesto 2016, NDP II and Uganda Vision 2040. Kindly follow this link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D1mGRNYn1PV_Yj0SPO7sqj8LZwsCRvoF to access and download High Quality Videos on UBTEB GRADUATES SUCCESS STORIES.


The Board is grateful to all stakeholders who have time and again facilitated the successful continuous assessment of the students from various vocational training institutions in the country. Executive Secretary Oyesigye Onesmus (CPA) says that UBTEB in the new strategic plan envisages progressive increase in the number of students enrolling for vocational educational programmes and increased institutional linkages with the world of work. UBTEB's new vision is "A Centre of Excellence for Competence Based Assessment, Examinations and Awards". Our mission is to "To conduct Competence Based Assessment and Examinations and issue Awards for Business, Technical, Vocational and other specialized training"





1. UBTEB pledges its commitment to excel in the conduct of competence based examinations in Uganda.

2. Admission to all Government and private vocational institutions in Uganda is done after release of PLE, UCE and UACE results and communicated by the Minister of Education and Sports.

3.Levels of Entry on Government scheme: 

A. After PLE- Uganda Community Certificate; course duration is 3 years equivalent to O'level),

B. After Senior four- National Certificate;course duration is 2 years equivalent to A'Level. 

C. After Senior six- National Diploma; course duration is 2 years.

4. All the programmes of study in areas of Technical, Business, Allied Health,Nursing and midwifery, Fisheries, Survey, Meteorology, Petroleum, Forestry, Agriculture are offered on Goverment sponsorship. Government has established and equiped the respective vocational institutions and recruited professional Instructors.