Meet Denis the plumber

Monday, December 17, 2018

Welcome to this short web-series where as UBTEB we have taken an Initiative to trace down our Graduates who have gone through our skills competence based assessment program and have been able to make something for themselves and have an Impact on their Society and community.


The main aim of this docu-series to highlight the importance of competence based training and the type of Graduates that UBTEB assessment produces.


We have travelled far and wide to bring to you these stories of people just like you and document them in video so you can see what they have achieved.


Below is an Interview of a Former student of Iganga Vocational Institute who is a self-employed plumber in Kampala. His Interview Highlights, why he chose vocational education and how the skills he got though UBTEB competence based assessment system have helped him be able to




UBTEB: Please tell Us About Yourself?

ND: I am Nambaire Denis from Kaliro district, Nawaikoke sub county, Muuli village. I am a plumber and i did my UBTEB at Iganga Technical Institute in 2012-2013, currently now I’m in Makindye working in Kampala as a plumber.


UBTEB: Why Did you chose Vocational Education?

ND: The reason why I joined technical school was my father who told me to go and join. i have two brothers who did university but they spent like seven years when they had no jobs so my father did not want again to continue to get that loss so he told me to and join so that you can start working as an engineer.


UBTEB: What are some of the benefits of a competence based Assessment Program?

ND: Me after my course directly i got a job and for them they continued schooling but others have just finished, others do not have jobs and then they joined me when finished their university, they had no job and then they were nearer me so they decided to join me and then I started working them.


UBTEB: How did you get your First Job?

ND: I started working as a partner as a partner with a certain engineer in Kyengera and then after four months, I got an engineer who was working as a plumber and then somebody connected me to him and then I started working with him from there up to now I am working in plumbing.


UBTEB: How Long Did it take you to get your first Job?

ND: After doing my UBTEB at Iganga Technical Institute, I took like four months and then I got a job from there up to now I’m working.


UBTEB: What does your Work Schedule look Like?

ND: At times it depends on the work you have but when I wake up in the morning when I have a program i go directly to the site then after I can go on another site so in a day I can move like 3 sites to 4 and then after there I go back home but depends on the program you have.


UBTEB: Advice to the Youths and the Nation.

ND: My advice is at times it depends to the family. When they have some money to sponsor them but if you don’t have have money for the school fees, its better you join technical because it can’t take time it takes like two years or three and then you start working


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