Friday, April 26, 2019

In line with the conduct of competence based examinations, UBTEB in a phased manner conducts monitoring of real life projects undertaken by candidates pursuing various academic programmes at Certificate and Diploma level. The purpose of the inspection of these projects is to guarantee and ascertain the level of efficiency and effectiveness in terms of compliance to standards, level of participation in project implementation, the competencies attained and quality/relevance of the project undertaken.
Ahead of the conduct of the May/June 2019 examinations series, the Board has rolled out the programme for monitoring real life projects with effect from 24th April 2019 for a period of one week. The Executive Secretary Onesmus Oyesigye (CPA) while briefing the monitoring team requested for more engagements with the lecturers, students and Head of centres during the monitoring exercise in order to explore more opportunities in scaling up real life projects.
Real life project is marked and scored by the Board and contributes towards the final grading of the candidate.The Board wishes candidates successful presentation and defense of real life projects.