Status Update on May/June 2018, Nov/Dec 2018 Examinations

Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Board is pleased to inform all our esteemed stakeholders as follows;

  1. May/June 2018 Examinations: The Board is in final stages of quality assurance processes and will confirm the date of release of results after confirmation by the Minister of Education and Sports
  2. Nov/Dec 2018 series: The Board successfully completed the registration exercise for National Certificate programmes and UCPC candidates. The registers and draft time tables will be shared soon on the website and Principals' emails.
  3. The Circular for registration for all Diploma and Certificate programmes for the Nov/Dec 2018 series shall be ready this week and shall be published on website and shared with Heads of Centres.

Finally, we thank all our esteemed stakeholders for the support for smooth execution of our mandate.

We pledge our total commitment to offer quality service at all times. For any inquiries, Please contact us on 0392 002 468 or email ;