Third Board commences business

Monday, September 9, 2019

Inline with the Statutory Instrument 2009 No.9 on establishment of UBTEB, the newly inaugurated Board has commenced its business with the first special Board meeting on 5th September 2019 at Sky hotel, Naguru.

In his communication, the Board Chairperson Eng. Dr. Silver Mugisha congratulated all members upon appointment to the Board by the Minister of Education and Sports. He further argued members that there is need to have a concrete strategy for the Board to deliver in line with the existing strategic plan or make improvements so as to deliver the mandate.

The chairperson asked members to prepare to deliver in a wave of various reforms in the BTVET subsector. He also asked members to aim at maintaining the visibility of the Board through Board outputs.

In his communication, the Executive Secretary, Onesmus Oyesigye (CPA) welcomed members and presented a status performance report by the Secretariat. Among the key highlights, the Executive Secretary indicated the growth in candidature, quality staff, funding strategy and policy documents approved.