UBTEB Conducts Awards Meetings for the May/June 2018 Examinations

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Board is in advanced stages of preparation to release the May/June 2018 examinations results. Since the conduct of the May/June 2018 examinations that ended on 15th June 2018, the Board has successfully completed the marking of the candidates’ scripts and this week starting on 27th August 2018, the Board has commenced Awards meetings for a period of 5 days. As part of the quality assurance systems and in accordance with the rules on the conduct of competence based assessment, the awards meetings are a critical component in the completion of the assessment cycle.

With regard to previous Awards meeting, the Board has maintained the involvement of the Technocrats from the world of work and Curriculum Specialists and Senior Examiners to provide a platform for analysis of the conduct of the May/June 2018 examinations series.

“With the awards meeting in progress, we are proceeding to present the examinations results to the relevant Board committees for approval before the briefing of  the Minister and officials from Ministry of Education and Sports”  Erina Nalunga, the Ag.Principal Officer, Delivery, Manuscript and Awards stated.

The Board will keep the public abreast with the due processes being undertaken until the official release of the results to the public by the Minister of Education and Sports.