UBTEB holds a stakeholders' consultative meeting on standardisation of assessment of Post O’Level Certificate and Post A'Level Programmes

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Uganda Business and Technical Examinations (UBTEB) organized a one day stakeholders’ consultative meeting on 11th May 2018 at Silver Springs hotel, Bugolobi. The Ministry of Education and Sports issued a circular in November 2017 on streamlining the accreditation and assessment of Post O’level and Post A’ level Business programmes in Uganda. As part of the implementation of the circular, BTVET Department of the Ministry of Education and UBTEB have put in place mechanisms to carry out accreditation of programmes and assessment respectively. This meeting focused on streamlining the BTVET delivery, training and awards in Uganda in line with the BTVET Act 2008.

In order to achieve smooth transition, UBTEB noted the need for engagement with key stakeholders responsible for ensuring compliance to the circular. The key objectives of the stakeholders’ meeting was to create awareness on the readiness of UBTEB to examine the two year curricula for all Post O’ level Certificate in Business programmes. To put in place strategies and key actionable areas for implementation of the circular by different Departments and Agencies and to create good will and shared vision for streamlining the training and assessment of all Post O’level and A’ level Business programmes for a clear career upward progression and joining world of work.

Points of discussions included;

  • Streamlining the assessment of Post O’level certificates.
  • The duration of the certificate programmes offered in different institutions.
  • Streamlining the roles of different stakeholders.
  • The new policy guidelines in the standardization of awards for all post O’level Certificate programmes.
  • The effective and efficient quality management systems in conducting competence based examinations.
  • Regulation of all key players in the offering of the post O’level certificate programmes.

The key participants included the Vice Chancellors of Universities, Principals of Tertiary Institutions, District Education Officers, Directorate of Education Standards, Directorate of Higher Technical Vocational Education and Training, Department of Business, Technical and Vocational Educational and District Inspectors of Schools among others. As a way forward, UBTEB was advised to continue interacting with Universities and Tertiary Institutions for successful transition of assessment of post O’level programmes in liaison with relevant stakeholders like NCHE, BTVET and NCDC.