UBTEB joins other Heads of Examinations Councils and Boards of the East African Countries to form Eastern Africa Association for Educational Assessment (EAAEA)

Monday, April 23, 2018

The Executive Secretary of UBTEB CPA Oyesigye Onesmus together with the Principal Officer in charge of Research, Policy and Quality assurance Mr Paul Kyalimpa are attending a three day meeting in Tanzania for heads of examinations Council of the East African countries. The event is hosted by the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) from 23-25th April 2018. Uganda was represented by Executive Secretaries of UNEB Mr Dan Odong, Kimoga of Uganda Allied Health Examinations Board and Oyesigye Onesmus of UBTEB.

Formation of the EAAEA is in line with mandatory objectives of UBTEB contained in the statutory instrument 2009 No.9 which states as ”To collaborate with international and inter-governmental organizations and agencies of other states and the private sector on issues relevant to its functions”.

Among the key objectives of the meeting chaired by Dr. Charles E. Msonde, the Executive Secretary of NECTA was to discuss on how to organise the Assessment Boards and Councils in East Africa and to create a forum for harmonisation of educational assessments and examinations in the East African Community. During the meeting, Dr Msonde highlighted the benefits of forming an association for east African Assessment bodies including;
a) To organise assessment training among member countries ranging from item development, marking, adoption of technology in examination administration among others.

b) To establish forum for bench marking among members in all areas of examination/assessment

c) To carry out research among member countries to provide solutions to assessment challenges, promote publication or findings and utilise the findings to improve education and assessment systems.

d) To hold annual conference to share professional experience to provide platform where members can share their experiences and research findings to enhance knowledge, skills and experiences from member countries.

The executive secretaries also agreed on the way forward for forming the association by establishing technical team to undertake tasks such as; Formulate the objectives of the association, Set criteria for membership, Propose structure and operations of the secretariat, Develop proposals on leadership structure and tenure of office of the association, Propose a financing structure of the association, Propose mechanism and operational modalities of the association and Prepare a manuscript/bill of constitution of the association. It was agreed that the technical committee should be mandated to execute the above tasks and submit a report to the EAAEA Executive Secretaries committee for endorsement.

Members also agreed to form other critical committees such as the EAAEA Executive Secretaries Committee who role shall include; Establish the legal framework where the association draws its mandate (EAC Charter) and Propose when the association will commence its operations among others.

As the way forward, the Executive Secretaries agreed on action matrix including; Each examining body should create a working team to draft a document addressing the terms of reference by end of June 2018 after which a coordinating desk from NECTA will compile a comprehensive document to be discussed by a technical working team at NECTA. Secondly, the Technical Team from Examinations Boards will convene in August 2018 to discuss the draft constitution and Heads of the Examinations Boards will meet in the 1st week of March 2019 to discuss the draft constitution. “This is big step towards streamlining the assessment function for quality awards in the East African region” Oyesigye Onesmus,UBTEB Executive secretary stated.