Wednesday, April 11, 2018


On 29th March 2018, the Minister of State for Higher Education, Hon. J.C. Muyingo launched the first edition of the Skills Magazine and he applauded UBTEB for taking greater steps to promoting the ideals of the BTVET and her mandate in Skills Development in Uganda.


UBTEB through the magazine hopes to widely disseminate to stakeholders if they are to help UBTEB fulfil its mandate of regulating and streamlining awards and qualifications in the BTVET subsector. The magazine will act as a platform for the dissemination of research findings on BTEVT subsector and the line mandate of UBTEB including areas of training and delivery.


Skills Magazine is the official publication of UBTEB specially committed to the comprehensive coverage and coherent discussion of developments in BTVET. The publication will shed light on the outstanding challenges and the promise of BTVET, enable exchange of ideas amongst BTVET stakeholders, and promote efficiency and effectiveness in the subsector by enabling all stakeholders to make decisions from informed positions. Besides the stakeholders, the magazine will reach sections of the general public, especially those that need to be sensitized on the potential benefits of BTVET.  For instance, the magazine will target the students in primary and secondary schools and their parents and guardians, since these need to be sensitized on the BTVET options in further/tertiary education, and their potential rewards.  The magazine in subsequent publications will feature customized content from key stakeholders including industries, tertiary institutions, and relevant Agencies of Government.