UBTEB to register Special Needs Education Candidates

Thursday, August 9, 2018

The government of Uganda in compliance with the Salamanca statement and framework for action on Special Needs Education 1994, the United Nations convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (2008) in consonance with the government constitution (1995), has put in place the persons with disability Act (2006). The instruments demand for access, equity and quality as regards educational services for persons with special learning needs. The instruments emphasize the rights of all children, including those with temporary and permanent needs for educational adjustments to attend school and the rights of all children to attend school in their home communities in inclusive classes.

Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) as a body established under the BTVET Act No 12 of 2008; statutory instrument No.9 of 2009 is mandated to streamline, regulate coordinate and conduct credible National Examinations and Award diplomas and certificates in the Business Technical and Vocational professions.  

UBTEB in conformity to the persons with disability Act 2008 and Ugandan constitution 1995 has established a special needs unit to ensure all aspects of examinations for special needs students are catered for depending on the nature of disability.

 In this regard, UBTEB has issued the attached circular to all institution with special needs candidates requesting them to submit list of students with special needs to enable the Board accord them equal rights during assessment.  The guidelines on registration of Special needs candidates, registration form and circular can be accessed on UBTEB website.

By Allen Ayebazibwe 

Examinations officer- Special Needs Education