Wednesday, November 20, 2019

UBTEB has been conducting Competence-Based Examinations since November 2011 for all Certificate and Diploma programmes offered in various training institutions in the whole country. This year, UBTEB will be conducting the Nov/December 2019 examinations series starting with the briefing of candidates on 15th November 2019 and end on 17th December 2019. The examinations will be conducted in a total of 572 Examinations centres compared to 525 examination centres in 2018 across the whole country.
The key milestone in these examinations series is that the Board has registered the highest number of candidates registered from 61,253 in 2018 to 80,306 in Nov/Dec 2019 examination series. This is a positive trend in the conduct of assessment where the Board has registered a 31% per cent increase in the number of candidates registered. The increase in candidature is a result of the new modularized programmes that have been developed by National Curriculum Development Centres as well as the Government policy of national assessment by national assessment bodies. The breakdown of the specific category of programmes stand as follows as per 2019 candidates’ registration;

National Certificate (Technical and Vocational) 43,938
Uganda Community Polytechnic certificate 4,828
Advanced Craft 905
Technical-Diploma and 6,656
Higher Diploma 274
Diploma and Certificate-Business and humanities 21,702
Specialised certificate and Diploma 2,277
TOTAL 80,306
The examinations involve both Practical and written examinations for both UCPC and National Certificate Technical examinations for the first phase. In phase two, UBTEB will conduct examinations from 29th November 2019 and end on 17th December 2019 for candidates registered for National Certificate and Diploma programmes in Agriculture, Humanities, Business, Cooperatives, Fisheries, Meteorology, Wildlife, Lands and Survey and Technical Diploma.

In regard to the security of examinations, the Board will deploy over 450 reconnoitres/Scouts, 3024 Supervisors, 160 Area coordinators and several Police Officers and other covert personnel to ensure vigilance during examinations. A total of 3,500 Practical examiners will be deployed to mark on spot practical examinations of Technical, Business and Information and Communication Technology programmes.

The Board has already issued all examinations materials to be used during the conduct of the November/December 2019 series. Other examinations materials to all storage facilities at Police stations in Uganda are on-going. All Heads of centres are requested to adhere to UBTEB examinations rules and regulations on the conduct of competence Based examinations. The Board strictly calls upon all candidates to guard against involvement in any form of examination malpractice. The Board has put in place new penalties to handle such cases of examinations related malpractices with the help of Uganda Police.
The Board, management and staff of UBTEB wish all our candidates success in their examinations.

“Setting Pace for Quality Assessment”
Onesmus Oyesigye (CPA)