Real Life Projects

A Project shall constitute a number of tasks and be assigned to students by Lecturers, Instructors or Teachers based on the curriculum/programme of study or needs of the community at the beginning of the training period or course.

(1) The assigned tasks shall be within easy reach of the student such as the training institution and its environment.

(2) Students shall be assigned tasks or projects within or outside the training institution which may be conducted individually or in groups under close supervision by the Lecturer, Instructor or Teacher. Each

student shall be required to provide an individual report.

(3) The tasks or project shall be completed within a period specified in the Curriculum

(4) The Board will make efforts to train Lecturers, Instructors, or Teachers and ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills to conduct the continuous assessment.

Marking of tasks or projects and submission of results to UBTEB

1. The institution shall ensure that students are guided successfully through their tasks or projects and award marks at the end of each assessment period.

2. The Board shall provide the assessment guide to the Institutions which shall be used during the supervision and marking exercise.

3. The total mark for task/project shall be entered in the project mark sheet provided by Board.

4. Original copies dully signed and stamped by the Head of Center shall be submitted to UBTEB Secretariat while the photocopies shall remain at the institution.

5. An institution shall be required to submit continuous assessment results not later than one week before the beginning of examination period.  Late submission of these results is totally unacceptable and

once considered by the Board they shall attract a surcharge of 50% of Registration fee per candidate per programme payable by the institution to the Board.

6. The accumulated marks obtained from the tasks or projects assigned to students will contribute 100% as a separate paper in the final results in a given program/course at the end of a given assessment


7. The responsibility of making sure that all candidates possess continuous assessment rests on the candidate him/herself and the Head of Center.