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Guidance On Census Dates And Scheduled Ubted Examinations

Posted on: April 22, 2024

Reference is made to yours UBTEB-QMS-OES-166-2024 dated 8th April 2024, on the above subject.
I would like [o appreciate your efforts in assessing Business and Technical students in this country, and also For the timely release oF examination results.
It's noted that the scheduled examination dates oF 6th May [o 7th June, 2024 For May/June assessment period will coincide wit:h the National Census exercise where students are legible participants.
The purpose oF this letter is to guide that examinations be rescheduled From 13th May to 7th June, 2024 to enable both students and other stakeholders participate in the National Census exercise.
All Principals and .Head Instructors oF TVET and Tertiary
Institutions are informed oF the changes.